It's digital media. Work it!


Most flexible and responsive of advertising platforms

Digital outdoor advertising is time-sensitive and flexible. It allows advertisers the ability to change messages throughout the course of the day and campaign. It also gives advertisers the ability to respond in real-time to market conditions and promotional needs.

Put the power of digital outdoor advertising to work for you

The advertiser is in control of the timing and messaging of a campaign. Keep your message fresh and changing. Update as often as necessary. Customize and adapt your digital program to your marketing needs. 

Simplify for effective design.

Simplicity is the key to creating great digital billboard design

A billboard’s main purpose is to communicate quickly. Simplicity is key. Even the best design is worthless if it is not legible from a distance. It is only after legibility has been mastered that creativity can follow. There are certain considerations when designing ads for digital as compared to traditional Out-of-Home media. With that in mind, here are our recommended guidelines for designing a digital billboard. 

Make the text large

Outdoor designs should be simple, clear and easy to read. Make it legible from 500 feet away from the digital display location.

Use BOLD, non-serif fonts

Always use large, legible typefaces. At 500 feet, thin lines optically fade or break up and very heavy fonts blur together. Avoid decorative, italic, or serif fonts. As a general rule, upper and lower case sans serif fonts provide the best readability. When designing for digital outdoor, we highly recommend adding a thin dark stroke around the text to separate it from the background. 

Stick to one message or idea

Simplify everything. Don’t present a complex message or numerous images. Simplify your idea. Have one thing that you want your audience to do or to recognize. The best outdoor media reduces a complex message to it’s essential elements.

Be short and sweet

Use no more than ten words total on the entire billboard – and that includes the logo and product tagline. We recommend seven words or less for the headline. Keep the words short for faster comprehension. 

Avoid white backgrounds

To achieve white, a combination of all three colors must be turned on to their maximum brightness. Consequently, white backgrounds will wash out and compete with the remainder of your creative. 

COLOR:  Use only RGB color files  for digital displays. Design as you would for a website, TV or computer monitor.  


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